Angel Policy

Thank you for using Precious Remembrance Shop Stamps:

  1. You can resale your creations personal or commercial using Precious Remembrance Shop Stamps, but hand stamped only.
  2. Photocopy, scan, print or any kind of copying with Precious Remembrance Shop Stamps is prohibited.
  3. Digital images, including stamped images/sentiments that were scanned, printed, and cut with your cutting machines are for personal use only, and not for resale.  If use for publication and posting projects, please mention Precious Remembrance Shop.
  4. Any stamp images, and digital images, or any  Precious Remembrance Shop designs can’t be use for any promotional materials, logo, trademark, advertising, etc.
  5. Our sample projects using our stamps are for ideas only, we would appreciate if you will give credit to Precious Remembrance Shop and designer/s if you used same idea/layout for your projects.
  6. Anyone selling our stamps and selling your creations using Precious Remembrance Shop Stamps is your own responsibility and Precious Remembrance Shop owner, designer,  artist/s is not liable to any damages, disputes that may occur.